Top of the line datacenter with enterprise connectivity.

Sleep soundly knowing that our top of the line datacenters have your back, day and night with a guaranteed 100% up-time SLA.

High Speed

10 Gigabit per second switches to the rack. Connected to numerous telecommunication hubs. Multiple redundant bandwidth carriers.

Power Distribution

On-site 138 kV substation delivers dual-feed 12.47 kV utility power to building. Multiple 72 hour capable generators, power priority second only to FEMA.


System components high in efficiency, running with reduced emissions. Environment-friendly building materials and design.

Data Loss Avoidance

Dedicated array of backup servers housing multiple copies of customers data. Hot-swappable raid arrays to ensure no data is lost for our customers.

Quality Construction

Secure and gated, offices located outside of datacenter area, full lightning protection for entire building, 8” thick concrete walls, and much more!


24 x 7 x 365 on-site security and NOC staff. CCTV on all security cameras, access control systems log activity, thick concrete walls, and much more!