Frequently asked questions. Hosting Support.

We get asked a lot of questions, and here we have tried to compile a list of the most popular ones so that they’re readily available to you whenever you need them!


No need to worry, all of our servers and DNS are white-labeled. This means that the only person who will know that you have hosting through us, is you. Your clients will see a domain name that is completely normal looking (no profanity) and does not lead back to us in any way.

Our email and ticket support is provided 24/7 for your convenience with an average respond time of 5-10 minutes.

Our live chat is not guaranteed 24/7 at the moment. We are currently guaranteeing our live chat only during US business hours however as we grow we will be able to provide live chat throughout the day and night as well just like our emails and tickets.

Currently we are only able to accept debit and credit cards. We are working on launching more types of payments like Paypal, Amazon Payments, and much more but for now we are only accepting cards.

Unfortunately, no. If you have problems figuring out the answer to a question your client has given you, you are more than welcome to send the question to us. However, we are unable to directly provide support to your clients.

Absolutely, yes! You do not necessarily NEED a domain name to run a hosting account. When you want to launch your site you will eventually need one however if you would like to get started you can simply sign up with a sub-domain, or make up a domain name and have us change it later.

Think of web hosting like your house, and your address number & street name as your domain name. The house makes room for your family and belongings (your files) and your number and street name (domain name) tells people where to locate you!

A control panel is a interface you log in to in order to manage your hosting account. You’re able to manage your email, files, databases, and more! We use cPanel as our control panel, you can check out more information on it here if you’re interested.

You can view your error logs and access logs by logging into your cPanel account.


Live Chat

Live chat, so you don’t have to wait for a response.

Support Tickets

Tickets because sometimes you don’t have time to sit in live chat.


Email support because well, it’s easy!

Social Media

Social media because, why the hell not!?