Pick the managed hosting plan that suits you most

Have you ever had your host refuse to help you with updating your site? Maybe they locked your site down due to malware but wouldn’t help clean it? Screw that, Managed Hosting at Cut All The Shit is all about helping our customers become successful. When you grow, we grow, and our managed hosting is there specifically to make sure that you never have to worry about your website again.

With a FREE domain, FREE SSL, FREE SSD upgrade, and FREE WordPress security and speed optimizations, you can never go wrong. We will handle everything about your website, and we can even help you updating your websites content. Opening an account with Cut All The Shit is like hiring your own internet department. Welcome to the family.

Choose price per period







  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • 20gb Storage Space
  • 500gb Monthly Bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Regular Email Accounts
  • 1 Included Business Email (Optional)
  • 1 Domain Registration com/net/org FREE!
  • WordPress Security Optimization FREE!
  • WordPress Speed Optimization FREE!
  • SSL (Let’s Encrypt) FREE!
  • SSD Upgrade FREE!







  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • 200gb Storage Space
  • No Limit Monthly Bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Regular Email Accounts
  • 3 Included Business Emails (Optional)
  • 1 Domain Registration com/net/org FREE!
  • WordPress Security Optimization FREE!
  • WordPress Speed Optimization FREE!
  • SSL (Let’s Encrypt) FREE!
  • SSD Upgrade FREE!

More than just web hosting

With our commitment to keeping our hosting bullshit free, and our 30 day money back promise, you’re always protected!

Automated reporting, and custom reporting available upon request!

Is your site running slowly or maybe you’re not getting the traffic that you’re used to? Submit a ticket and our trained staff will generate a report customized to fit your needs and help you figure out where you can improve and even help you make the necessary changes to your site to ensure that happens! You can even view all of your traffic, usage, error, and many more statistical logs and graphs from your own control panel.

No bullshit, just security. Relax.

Running WordPress can be a tiresome task simply because the majority of the internet runs on Worpdress and therefor it is very susceptible to hacking and malware. Without the proper training and experience an average person can end up allowing their WordPress site to be incredibly insecure and become a target of automated hacking and malware bots. No longer do you have to worry about this because with our managed hosting you’re now able to take advantage of our own experience and knowledge and let us secure your site for you!

DDoS Mitigation

Is your site suffering from an unfriendly DDoS attack? Not only do we have CloudFlare integrated into our control panel to help, but we are willing to give you personalized reports and suggested on how to best handle these situations.

Threat Management

Have you received threats on your site, or maybe you’re just worried about something happening? Let our team know and we will help you come up with a plan to deal with the situation and even help implement the suggested changes.

WordPress Security

Having the trustworthy plugins and using the right security plugins can be the difference between your WordPress site being hacked, and not. Let our staff handle this from now on and never worry about it again with our managed hosting services.

Tired of all the spam and bullshit you get in your inbox? No More.

With all plans in our manged hosting spectrum we offer you the typical unlimited email accounts included in a cPanel host. However, unlike most hosts we also offer a specialized business email service. If your website, business, or income relies on your email then it’s important to have the best of the best. With our business focused email servers you will never have to worry about email going down or being undelivered again.

DNS Blacklisting Service

Got a problem with your domain or email being blacklisted? Never worry about this again with Cut All The Shit’s business class email service.

Restricted Access

Only customers who opt to use our business class email service have access to these services. The mail servers hosting our business email are completely separate from our hosting servers and therefor provide much greater security.

Account-level Filtering

Got a problem with some spam? Our business mail servers have build in spam protection so that you never have to even think about another spam email again!

Extreme Support. If you need us, we are here. No bullshit.

Tired of being pushed away by your current host? Bad support crews got you down? Join our family and we’ll have your back. We help you with everything possible because we believe that when our customers succeed, we succeed. Don’t worry about being turned away because we will always go above and beyond to get your issues handled.

Live Chat

Live chat, because waiting for an email response sucks.

Support Tickets

Support tickets, because sometimes you just don’t have time to wait in chat!

Email Support

Email, because well.. it’s just easy!

Social Media

And if all else fails, hit us up on social media and we’ll get your back 🙂

Promised SLA in any month

We’re so confident in our services that we’re able to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. For our dedicated servers we even offer a 100% uptime SLA. Notice your uptime dropping below these numbers during any month? Contact us and we’ll refund you the entire month!