Why Choose Cut All The Shit Web Hosting?

December 31, 2015

I actually get asked this question quite often and I absolutely love answering it. Why would you (the customer) choose Cut All The Shit out of all of the other hosting companies? Well, let me take a moment and tell you why 🙂


Truly, personalized support.

So many hosting companies now a days claim to have “personalized support”, it is a greatly over used term. The reason that I choose to use the term for Cut All The Shit is because I want to put the definition of personalized support back into the phrase. Along with our other employees I am on the front lines offering support to our customers day in and day out so that our customers know they are appreciated. We are here as a family to help you with your website, business, blog, whatever it may be. I guarantee that you will not find another hosting company that is willing to go as far above and beyond the “scope of support” that has been created now a days for hosting companies. We truly do try to help you with everything.



Another aspect in the hosting industry today that I am extremely annoyed about is the transparency between the company and it’s customers. The customers are the reason that the companies are even here, yet the companies fail to be honest to their customers in almost every aspect. Even the most basic of things like a reboot to update a kernel, fix an issue, etc is masked in these vague terms that customers just have to accept. Cut All The Shit is here to be honest with our customers, we want you to feel like you’re a part of the family. Ask us anything you’d like about our company and we will do our best to give you the most specific and honest answer that we’re able. From the amount of accounts on a server, to what happened in an issue, number of employees, number of customers, we will be up front and honest about absolutely everything, that’s what family does.


Small business, big fish.

The title of this section is kind of ambiguous but basically what I’m getting at here is, you have more flexibility in a small business. All of these large corporations have their policies and never move away from them, trust us. Changing settings on shared servers is almost never done, but hosting with us, we will accommodate absolutely everything that we are able to in order to help our customers. There are obviously limits to what can be changed as a shared server houses multiple customers, however we can do a lot more to mold our systems to your business than most 🙂


In conclusion, why should you choose Cut All The Shit? Because we offer you the hosting service that you’ve come to know, without the bullshit.

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